How to Make Fish in the Jacket

Fish in the Jacket


2 lb            sheat-fish or chub fish

130 g        vegetable oil

250 g        flour

10    g        yeast

1                 egg

100 g       water

1                cup chopped parsley

1                lemon cuts in slices

2                lemon cut in wedges

Salt and pepper as needed


Clean the fish well, rinse and salt it.

Prepare the soft dough from flour.

In a large bowl add flour, yeast, egg, salt and water. Mix the ingredients together let it rise. Then divide it in two and mould two oblong sheets somewhat larger then the fish. Put one of the sheets in an oiled pan, then put the salted fish on it, and cover it with the second sheet. Connect the ends of the two sheets to one another, by covering the fish completely and preparing it for stewing. Pour the remaining fat over the dough and put in a moderately hot oven until done. The fish will take long time to cook, but will remain succulent and delicious. Remove the fish from oven and transfer it to a platter with the bed of parsley and but the lemon slices and wedges around the platter.

Salsa for Fish


2          cups chopped parsley 

¾       cup tahini paste or sesame paste

2         cloves garlic more or less

2         tablespoons lemon juice or to taste

Salt to taste


Put parsley, tahini and minced garlic in the food-processor on high-speed for 3 minutes till the parsley are very fine then add lemon juice to taste and salt.


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