How to Make Beets and Sweet Potatoes Salad

Beets and Sweet Potatoes Salad
3       large beets
3       tablespoons finely chopped parsley
2       large sweet potatoes
2       tablespoons olive oil
1       chopped medium onion
1       tablespoon lemon juice or less
1       teaspoon vinegar
3/4    cup finely chopped walnut
1/4    cup finely chopped apricots or currants (optional)
Salt to taste
Preparations :
Boil and peel the beets and sweet potatoes then cut into small cubes. Mix oil lemon juice and vinegar together. In large bowl add the beets and the sweet potatoes, parsley, apricot very small pieces, currants pieces, onions, chopped walnut and salt then the oil and vinegar mixture. Transfer to a serving bowl, garnish with nuts.

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