How to Make Basmati Rice with Vermicelli

Basmati Rice with vermicelli
2     cups basmati rice
4     cups of water
2     tablespoons vermicelli or very thin spaghetti cut into 2 cm
2     tablespoons vegetable oil
1     cube chicken flavoured bouillon
Salt to taste
Wash the rice and drain to remove the excess water.
In medium saucepan add oil and vermicelli or the thin pieces of spaghetti and fry to golden brown, add the chicken bouillon and stir it together then add the rice and keep stirring for 5 seconds. Add the water and continue stirring. Let it boil until all the water been absorbed, cover the pan and reduce the heat to a very low for 10-15 minute or until the rice look done and fluffy. Remove from heat. Transfer to the serving dish.


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